Report Disclaimer

The Lumen Integrity Line is the Company’s compliance hotline and is available to all employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This confidential online reporting system is maintained by a third party, ComplianceLine.  Contact the Integrity Line to report actual or suspected misconduct, within the limitations of local law.

You may also report misconduct by calling the Lumen Integrity Line at 1-800-333-8938 (U.S.), 0800 086 9930 (UK) or one of the local numbers listed below and on the employee intranet page.  The toll-free number is staffed by live operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Requests for guidance on Ethics and Compliance issues, such as conflicts of interest, business courtesies, or policy interpretations should be directed to

You cannot be compelled to use the Integrity Line – its use is entirely voluntary. When making a report, you are encouraged to identify yourself. We will protect your identity to the fullest extent allowable, and we will not tolerate retaliation against you for making a report. Anonymous reporting is also available, unless otherwise prohibited by local law.


The Integrity Line web portal is a confidential online reporting system that is available to Lumen employees globally. Certain European countries limit the matters that employees may report through a hotline. In most European countries, employees may report financial, accounting, auditing, bribery, health and safety, and environmental matters through the Integrity Line. Other workplace concerns should be discussed directly with your supervisor, human resources manager, or other member of management with whom you are comfortable.  If you have questions about any limitations on reporting in your geographic location, please contact

Employees outside of the U.S. may also contact the Integrity Line through one of the in-country telephone lines set forth below.

Argentina: 0800-345-5402
Brazil: 0800 724 8526
Chile: 800 914 767
Colombia: 01-800-5184493
France: 0 800 91 15 10
Germany: 0800 1810099
UK: 0800 086 9930
India: 000 800 0501 544
Japan: 0800-888-5607
Mexico: 01 800 681 0825
Netherlands: 0800 0228921
Peru: (0800) 78212
Poland: 0-0-800-4911958
Singapore: 800 492 2409
Spain: 900 818 605
Ecuador: 1800 001 080
Venezuela: 0800-1009282
Hong Kong: 800 906 592
Australia: 1800-987-636
Belgium: 0800-71-720
Costa Rica: 506 4002 3866
Denmark: 8088-4379
Ireland: 353-766805105
Italy: 800-787-115
Panama: 800-0334
Russia: 8 (800) 301-37-94
Sweden: 020-793-185
Switzerland: 0800-562-684